Gadsden Family History News

For the benefit of Gadsden descendants who missed the publication of GFHN (Gadsden Family History News) in several parts, I am including occasional dips into the series despite lack of chronological order, as these extracts contain much information. The photograph was taken by the late David Tasker, a Gadsden descendant of UK.  

After Christopher

As soon as the Revolutionary War ended, the Gadsden men began rebuilding their family’s business interests in Charleston. Gadsden’s Wharf, built by Christopher, had been damaged during the war but was never inoperable while repairs were taking place. In 1783 Christopher and his sons Thomas and Philip organized a factorage business under the name Christopher … More After Christopher

Thomas the Collector’s Inventory

One of the most intriguing items in the estate papers of Thomas Gadsden, the Port Collector of Charleston, is the Inventory of his belongings, ranging from slaves (as discussed previously) to household furniture and domestic items. The list is long and probably all-inclusive. Among the paintings and other pictures which furnished his home, the Inventory … More Thomas the Collector’s Inventory

Gadsdens and Slavery

While we are all aware that slavery was practised in South Carolina and other American colonies, it comes as something of a shock to find slaves left as assets in Thomas Gadsden’s will. Their names are given as well as their monetary value. They were regarded as valuable property no less than the furniture, paintings, … More Gadsdens and Slavery